Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fruity little number

‘Don’t get lemon!.’, ‘I am not getting lemon, helmet.’ (The Firm, Nick love, 2009), well now it is time to get lemon and either complete you Terrinda tracksuit collection, or make a bold statement of style this summer with the latest Fila release.

Donned as the ace in the pack of tracksuit tops, and as rare as rocking horse teeth, this stunning pastel coloured top, is the rarest of all the collection and comes hot on the heels of the release of the blue and green tops.

Topping the charts for price in the 80s, this trackie now tops the charts for cutting edge looks and values, as the Italian giant has overseen the quality and production of the limited run.

Otherwise known as the Matchday Mark 3 the velour feel top boasts the classic ‘Mondrian’ white piping lines, with the delicious low cut collar, allowing for your Fila 19th polo neck to stand proud out of the top.

There really is a case for either clearing out a space in your wardrobe for this gem, or just splashing out, due in no short part to the fact that the run is ‘very’ limited to say the least and complete your colours of the rainbow Terrinda range.

Stand out, stay sharp and get lemon.

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