Friday, 31 July 2009

Fila Vintage Roll Neck - 19th polo

We have been seeing the roll necks in all the Fila Ad campaigns since they launched, with the J.K look a like which looked awesome. The Roll neck has been re-introduced finally, and will be a must have clothing item. Lets face it the roll neck has to be one o the most iconic item of clothing being worn ever during the colder seasons. It looks great under a track top, under a V-neck jumper, Cardigan, and even by itself. Yep the rollneck even looks good with a suit. What other item can one pick and put on with anything. The fila roll neck 9 named the 19th polo, is right up there with the basic white shirt. The name 19th refers to the "19th hole" which is commonly dubbed for the bar at the end of the golf game completing, 18 holes. Stuarts London our sponser for this blog will be stocking Navy, Gardenia cream, Ocean blue, and Red. If that doesn't get you going the price will for sure, only £35.00
Relistically its worth way more than that.

Fine stretch cotton fabric.

Available at from August 2009

Fila Vintage Spin Tracksuit Top

Another rare release to be launched this August 2009. The Spin track jacket is a light weight and casual. Available in 3 colours Navy, Off white and the Red. The expected price will be around at a giveaway £55.00

The fabric on the jacket is 100% polyester tri acetate, which in plain English this means it polyester with a rich spongy texture and feel, a fabric used previously on the Four Stripes Fila jackets.
The cuffs and waist have an elasticated feature. Full zip style with a contrasting colour funnel neck.

For More information click the link below to go to the Fila Vinatge page at

New arrivals for This August 2009 Fila Bombada jacket

Bombada Jacket is the first in line to be re-launched for the Ski collection. Looking back into the 80s era for inspiration, Fila came across this jacket. Although very warm, the jacket is light in weight, bearing a white stripe across the chest and a two shoulder stripes associated with the Mark 2 Matchday. 100% Nylon, with two from zip pockets and available in 3 colours. Red, Ocean, and Navy this jacket gonna be a big hit. Our sponsors StuartsLondon have already indicated that this jacket has nearly sold out on pre-order. If this jacket is selling out this fast and it's still warm, then only one can imagine that the sales on this jacket will go crazy for Autumn when the weather changes.

The jacket is selling for £89.99 and is available at or click the picture above and go straight there now.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Welcome to Fila Vintage for Old skool fans.

Fila Vintage White Line Collection

Vintage archive Fila items have been poping up every where from e-bay to great retro stores like

The focus of the brand has been rotating aroung the every famous Matchday Settenta jacket Mark 1 aka as the the Fila BJ Matchday, which references "BJ" to Bjorn Borg, the 80s Mega Tennis Star that changed the face of the way of Tennis Fashion.

Fila Vinatge, Fila Terrinda Jacket, Fila Love jacket, Fila Matchday jacket, are all in stock and avilable at