Monday, 23 August 2010

Fila Terrinda: New Colours

A true '80s classic from Fila's White Line Collection, the Fila Terrinda. Terrinda jackets are the rarest of the whole Fila collection, and was the first in the Fila range to be aimed at stylish spectators and big-name tennis players, which was apt given as in the '80s the Terrinda jacket was the most expensive item in the Fila collection.

The name Terrinda comes from the unique fabric used to make this jacket, which combined with the court-marking piping, with the biker-style collar and padded shoulder detail mark this jacket out as a sought-after jacket for the '80s casuals.

Fila are stirctly controlling the production run, so stocks are limited- originals from the 80s are fetching from £400 to £1200 on eBay, but buying a re-issue from Stuarts London is your way to getting the classic look without the crazy cost!