Monday, 24 August 2009

October 2009 Preview - At

Stuarts London has leaked some styles that are due for launch for October 2009. The small injection collection is sell out collection according to the buying team at Stuarts London. Fila Fans have been coming instore and putting there names down for thses tops and jackets.

Fila Vintage collection for Fall / Winter 2009 is looking "Spot On".

The collection for August 2009 is now available in store, lots of styles will also follow, but we have picked the most sought after styles, which we know will sell out.

Great items like the Fila Matchday Leather jacket and the Five stripe jacket done for the first time ever in brown suede. The rare kelly green matchday is back by huge demand and we are nearly sold out of the first batch due to land this August. Also a great new colour has been added, the Navy matchday jacket with red panel sides. If you have been into Fila vintage for a while you may have already taken advantage of earlier re-issues, but this winter there are load of new re-issues like the Bjorna Jacket, also known as the Matchday Jacket mark 2, available this Autumn in Navy.


Whats in store for this October 2009?

After you have got you teeth into the August Fila Clothing new arrivals the Q4 collection for October is a collectors dream come true. Pre orders on this collection will be available this September. The top three styles are just a sneak preview of the Asti ski jacket, the Love jacket, and the new linesman jacket simular to the matchday with out the stripes and with a collar.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Prepare for winter - the word is going to be a cold one

New ski jumpers from Fila Vintage. The Meazza is our personal favourite. A chunky knitted jumper with collars and button detail. The ski jumpers have been labeled 'Snow Time' collection. The Meazza is a simple item that that looks great. Stock is limited and will not be around for long so get in quick as this going to be the jumper of the winter season for Fila Vintage collectors.

Ski Vest Bomedera - By Fila Vintage

Bomdera sleevles body warmer has hit the shop floor as of 19-08-2009. The Mark 2 collection this season is very impressive and most items are complete 1 to 1 archive replicas of the 80s releases.

Now available to by at

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fila launches the Spin jacket in new colour

Due to the huge success of the red spin jacket the peacoat blue has been added to the collection. Stock is limited. Slim fit style, based on a 1 to 1 archive replica the spin jacket has become one of the most popular style for this season.

" it's bit of a underdog"says Ravi at

"we were not expecting the demand on this style to be as much as it has become, and we bought way under expecting it to be a normal sell trough style, thankfully we have managed to secure some more stock, and the navy since we added them to our store and website have began to sell faster than the red"

The spin jacket is a track track the was found in the archives and is made from poly tri acetate giving the jacket the old skool retro feel and look. Fila Vintage, have been very busy working on the heritage collection and some of the re-makes we have sampled for the forth coming season are looking excellent.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Fila Vinatge Stock Just Arrived

Hi everyone this is a quick post without any fancy pictures. To be brief we have just received the new Fila Vinatge collection, All new Track Jacket in 3 colours, Spin jacket, Green fila matchday, and lots more.

We hope to have everything online as soon as possible , although we have everything on the shelve in store at Stuarts London. Shepherds Bush

More new soon.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Fila Terrinda Jacket

Okay - lets talk about the Fila Terrinda Jacket. I can imagine loads of 80s casual fashion followers get very excited on the very thought. Due to be released this September 2009 and being made in a limited run, This jacket is gonna be the biggest sport track jacket to hit the UK this Autumn. So For those that don't know what a Terrinda Jacket is ...dough!! its the holy grail to Fila Collectors.

The Real name for this quality jacket is Matchday Settenta Mark 3 , and the fabric used to make this timeless item was called Terrinda. The real name as you can see is a real mouth full, so Terrinda was the easy option that everyone adopted. The quality is beautiful, soft touch feel, almost like a suede fabric, with contrasted piping detail.

The sizes on the jacket's are similar to the Matchday jacket and will be slim fit too. We will update more on how this jacket fits once we get our one in September. The colours that are being made are Green, which will have the Fila logo along side the 80s Casual Forum logo. The Navy Terrinda jacket and the Green Terrinda jacket will be available at and a hand full of very select UK retailers. The Red Terrinda jacket will be available at StuartsLondon from Feb/March 2010.
For those that can't wait 80sCausualsClassic will be selling the Red Terrinda from September.

Click here for the Current Fila Vintage Collection in stock now.