Saturday, 26 September 2009

Incoming: Fila Vintage now available for pre-order

I've posted previously about the Asti Jacket, Lounger Robe and Linesman Jacket. These are now available to pre-order. The Lounger will be available in Navy and Red, plus the Linesman will also be available in two colourways - Navy and 'Gardenia' (see below).

Also available to pre-order is the Fila Vintage All England Jacket (below). Another reissue from the archive, this track jacket features England colours in a Acrylic/Wool mix textile. Needless to say, this is a limited edition.

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Monday, 21 September 2009

In store: Fila Vintage Tie Break Jacket

Another day, another amazing Fila reissue. This time it's this classic funnel-necked jacket from the archive in ocean blue.

Tie Break jacket re-issued from the Fila Archive

Regular Fit

Funnel neck

Full zip through

Contrast Stripe detail obove waist band

50% Cotton

50% Poly pique

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

In store: Fila Vintage 19th Polo Neck

This retro polo-neck top has been long awaited to compliment the fila collection - picture it under the Terrinda Jacket! Here's the specs:

• Cotton Polo Neck

• Fila Badge on side of neck

• Ideal to wear under jackets and V neck jumpers

• 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

Available in Red and Navy - the cream version has already sold out!

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In store: Fila Gold Indianapolis Jacket

Inspired by Fila's heritage, the Indianapolis Jacket is a modern take on the track jacket with a modern 21st century urban edge.

• Smart light jacket

• From the limited edition Fila Gold collection

• 100% Polyester

• Side pockets

• Gold badge on chest

• Gold Rivet detail with metal pressure buttons

• £59.99 with free shipping

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Limited Edition: Fila Vintage Leather Matchday Jacket

It's a bit special, this limited edition, a quality leather twist on a classic design:

100% Leather Matchday Jacket

Soft Nappa leather

Contrast Rib cuffs, neck and waist band

Vintage badge on the chest

£295 plus free shipping

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Fila Gold in store: Demaria V-Neck Pewter

So here's the start of the Fila Gold rush - a V-Neck sweater in grey (pewter), all ready for the winter season. Smart...

70% Merino wool / 30% Cashmere

V Neck

Punched out hole detail on front of knitwear

Light weight

Slim fit

Limited edition from the Gold Collection

£59.99 with free shipping

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In store and more: Fila Vintage Gold does not stock much of the Fila Gold range, just select items. When I talk to the guys at Stuarts they are very cautious about this range, which is a shame. They know they can sell Terrinda (when they get it). They know they can get a great response when the reissues come in. But come on! This is 2009, and we can't just lust over something wed wore when we were 15.

The Fila Gold range is, as I see it, a continuation of the styles we wore, not a reproduction of them (Fila Vintage caters to that). Fila Gold is an honest approach to the question: What should we do next..? Let's take the best of the past, and apply it to the present, the 21st century.

I know that there is a lot more to Fila Gold. I get to see the lines that Stuarts choose not to stock. To find-out more, or to see the current Fila Vintage / Gold range go to, or Contact us

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New arrival: Fila Settanta Matchday Mark 3 "Terrinda" Jacket

The Fila Terrinda Jacket is here and we are the first Stockist in the UK to get it in. With the new film 'The Firm' due to be released in two days on the 18th Sept, you can watch it in style by wearing the exclusive limited edition Navy Terrinda jacket. Stock is very limited and only 500 jackets and bottoms have been made for world wide distribution, so if you don't want to miss out - be quick!

Gift Boxed - Why all this fuss about a jacket from the 80s?

1973 Fila launched its first collection designed by Pierluigi Rolando. In an age of Tennis Whites, Fila White Line was the beginning of an era that saw them redefine sportswear with an injection of colour and style. These iconic designs caught the eyes of the mass on court and more importantly off the court. Fila weren’t just any normal sports brand. Adopted by the Italian playboys and country club crowds, Fila became the sports brand that everyone aspired to wear.

Settanta Matchday Mark 3

After the previous Fila Matchday jackets in 1982 the mark 3 was launched. Dubbed as the Terrinda jacket by the collectors and lovers of this giant brand, it was the first collection aimed at tennis players and fashion conscious spectators. The Terrinda name comes from the fabric, and off the courts and on the terraces, the Fila terrinda jacket was a must-have piece.

However it wasn’'t cheap in price because of the quality and the time spent on research and development. Originals today from the 80s depending on the quality can fetch up to £1200 on websites like eBay.

The jacket's characteristics are very simple with slight padded shoulders and white piping contrast representing the court markings. The biker style collars complete the timeless look. To put it simply, the Terrinda was way ahead of its time.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pre-Order: Fila Vintage Love Jacket in Navy Blue

Another reissue that is about to star in Nick Love's new movie 'The Firm', the Love Jacket is due to land at in October. Here's the specs:

Vintage look and fit

Contrast pipng detail in white

Full zip up with fila toggle

Side pockets

Fila Vintage Badge on chest

This track jacket has a friend - The Love Pants. Yep. Love Pants. As you might imagine, these are the matching trackie bottoms which are also available to pre-order at

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In store: Fila Vintage Siro Crew Neck Ski Jumper

New in from Fila Vintage, this jumper couldn't be more 80s retro if it had shoulder pads and a perm. It's got a great fit, not too long in the body with generous sleeve length. Crying-out to be teamed with the Bomedera Gillet, the Siro really reminds me of those Patrick cagoules we used to wear way back when. Here's the specs:

Crew Neck 80s Ski Jumper

Knitted Style

80% Lambswool, 20% Polyamide

Fitted Style

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

In store: Fila Vintage Bombada Jacket

Talking of ski jackets, here's one that's already in. The Fila Vintage Bombada Jacket has Fila once again dipping into their Ski wear heritage to bring us very light and very warm winter wear. I have one - and I'm praying for a cold snap!

These are shifting fast, get over to before the cold starts to bite.

Incoming: Fila Vintage Asti Ski Jacket

In next month, in red and navy, this fantastic retro ski jacket - it makes me think of Roger Moore's James Bond. Although it doesn't come with Union Flag parachute. Oh well.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Free: Fila Vintage 'The Firm' T-Shirt Offer

This is the official 'The Firm' Fila Vintage T-Shirt, and it's yours, for free, when you spend £150 or more on Fila Vintage range at Stuarts London.

£150… that's the Terrinda Jacket and Pants. Or three and a half Four Stripe Polos. Or six and a half... you get the idea.

Terms and Conditions:

We will send out a free t shirt in navy or white while stocks last. The t shirt is only free when you spend more than £150 on only Fila Vintage products. Any orders being refunded for any reason must result in return of the Free T shirt in new condition, or if kept we will deduct the value accordingly on requested refunds.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Incoming: Fila Vintage Lounger

Your other half may make you kick-off your Grand Slams and hang-up the Terrinda as soon as you enter the house, but here's one way to keep the faith whilst relaxing in the calm of your own home.

The Fila Vintage Lounger is a great hooded gown, tied at the waist at featuring the Fila F-Box logo on the front pocket. Available at Stuarts London later this year, this one's going on my Christmas wish list.

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Incoming: Fila Vintage Beanies

Don't get us wrong, we love summer, the great tees, nice polos, sharp shorts. But when the season cools down we can wrap up in great winter gear like sweaters, ski jackets, boots and hats.

So we're looking forward to these beanies from Fila - the Vintage Beanie (above) and the Vintage Snow Time Beanie (below). Due to land this month at Stuarts London they bring some 80's ski resort style to the humble beanie hat. Bring on the winter.

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Incoming: Fila Vintage Linesman Jacket

When a sportswear brand decides to resurrect product lines from its glorious past, you might imagine a quick rummage through dusty filing cabinets to retrieve blueprints, followed by a brisk walk over to the factory to say "Start making these again, please!"

But this is Fila, and they are not ones to get bogged-down with boring admin and paperwork. Oh no.

The Linesman Jacket was reborn after it was seen on the telly, in old tennis match footage, being worn by... a Linesman. Fila used this footage as reference to painstakingly recreate this jacket, which will soon be in-store at Stuarts London.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

New arrival: Fila Vintage Four Stripe Navy Polo

For Fila it's sometimes preferable to have more stripes than the (German) competition. Sometimes only 4 or 5 stripes will do, and this polo shirt doesn't disappoint.

Here's the specs:

• Based on the Mark 2 collection the 4 Stripe is a limited edition

• 100% Cotton

• Classic slim fit

• Pop metal pressure buttons

• Four Stripe detail on both sleeves

• Fila Badge on the chest

• Available at Stuarts London for only £45

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Friday, 4 September 2009

New arrival: Fila Bjorna Jacket

Perhaps the Sergio Tacchini fanboys out there might disagree, but Fila are really coming-up with the goods this season.

Take this fantastic Bjorna Jacket/Track top. Don't be put off by the pretty-boy Italian model - you can wear this your way. Those of you in the know will know this as the Matchday Mark 2 Jacket. Looks great over a Sergio Tacchini Dec Cedarmac Polo Top in Italian Blue & Navy. Honest.

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