Monday, 7 June 2010

Wimbledon - Tennis Fila Matchday - Kelly Green

Fila Matchday in Kelly Green was one of the most rarest colours around back in the 80s. Many would argue that it wasn't even available in Menes, and was a colour released for the women's collection. That's not true, it was a colour that just wasn't produced enough, and the quantity was limited. Although this jacket has been released a few times, since the 80s, this is the best replica we have seen. The Blue zipper and the cut and sew side designs with the stripes is an exact one to one re-make by Fila. The Matchday retails for £65 at but please be aware from August 2010 the price is going to be increased to £75.00

Loads of new stock has poured into Stuarts and the feed back is the Ace polo is on nearly every purchase.