Monday, 19 April 2010

Spiced up Fila Collection Game. Set . Mattch

To celebrate the start of the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open; stars from the entertainment world unveiled their tennis talent with two of the world’s top class tennis players in an exclusive mixed doubles showdown.

Spice Girl and TV personality Mel B paired up with an ATP World Tour tennis star to battle it out against Cash Money/Universal Republic recording artist; Jay Sean and a WTA Tour tennis ace in front of a live crowd at the home of the Sony Ericsson Open; Crandon Park.

Bringing comedy to the proceedings was Miami funnyman, Benji B, who took to the umpire’s chair as an NFL referee, giving directions as if it was an American football match! Twinned with Real Housewives of New York, reality show star; Kelly Killoren Bensimon who gave a running commentary of the match as the MC.

Jay Sean, Mel B and Kelly Killoren Bensimon were decked out in the latest Fila tennis gear. Check out a few images from the event!

Fila is the official clothing and footwear sponsor of the Sony Ericsson Open, Miami

The above report is courtesy of Fila . Eu


Jan 18, 2010, United Kingdom

The Fila Vintage track record for bringing back in-demand retro styling with its re-released originals is unsurpassed, but the Settanta Collection – a three stage release of the most legendary pieces from the 70’s and 80’s Fila archive.

In 1973 FILA launched its first tennis collection designed by Pierluigi Rolando. FILA White Line was the beginning of an era that saw FILA redefine sportswear with an injection of colour, and an iconic design signature. Adopted by the Italian playboys and country club crowd FILA became the sports brand everyone aspired to wear throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Settanta Mark I
1976 (Matchday/BB1 Polo)
Settanta Mark I in the red, was the first tracksuit designed for Borg. The first version launched in 1976, with the iconic ‘F’ badge on the chest. In 1977 the dual branded FILA BJ line was seen for the first time at Wimbledon when Borg proudly lifted the trophy after having beaten Jimmy Connors in the final. Other popular Settanta versions were the Kelly Green and Peacoat Blue bodies with Gardenia side panels and pinstripe details, frequently worn by Borg at the US Open.

Settanta Mark II
1980 (Bjorna and Salice Polo)

Settanta Mark II, was the second of the FILA BJ trilogy, released in 1980. The looser fit and simplicity of colour marked a significant change in design signature. Available in Peacoat Blue, Ocean Blue and Chinese Red, all had a single horizontal chest stripe and asymmetric double shoulder detail, represents the two Grand Slam events where Borg had his most success, Wimbledon Championship and Roland Garros.

Settanta Mark III
1982 (Terrinda/Terrinda Polo)

Settanta Mark III known as Terrinda was launched in 1982 and the last FILA BJ collaboration. The biker style collar and padded shoulder detail was ahead of its time and highly fashionable in sportswear design. Terrinda was the first collection aimed not only at tennis players but also at the fashion forward spectators. It was to be cleaner in design than previous BJ collections incorporating the court marking piping as the key design feature. The unique fabric knit was expensive and made Terrinda the crown jewel of the 80’s casuals.

The inclusion of Terrinda and other key Fila originals within The Firm, helps celebrate the history of a true fashion forward authentic sportswear brand and introduce it to a new audience of future Fila collectors.

Nick Love said: “The Terrinda was, and still is, the last word in elite casual sports wear – to make The Firm without key characters wearing Terrindas would be criminal.”

The Settanta collection is available in limited edition quantities from selected retailers such as Stuarts London. After the first delivery the Red and Navy Terrinda jackets will be in stock from May 2010. Stuarts London has secured a limited quantity.

Look out for the exclusive Lemon terrinda at stuartslondon this summer. More info soon on this colour

Friday, 16 April 2010

Blast from the past

VINTAGE, dictionary definition, representing the high quality of a past time and that is exactly what this summer is going to see on the high street with the release of Fila Vintage range.

The range, which provides another teasing look back to the glory days of Casual, donned across football terraces throughout the UK.

The Point range of T-shirts Gardenia-peacoat polo, or Sky-peacoat are simply sublime, not seen on the tennis courts, this is a shirt that stands out on its own, with the stunning four stripe tank top make a perfect pairing.

The range is a move away from the sporting Borg stylings, with collars similar to the Farah polos, which again has launched a vintage range of its own supplying some delicious pastel colours.

The French blue 5 stripe polo is a standout shirt as well or in lemon, along with the Briani with striped capsleeves.

Off the court comes the Linesman G top, which again has straighter collars, minus the stripes on the arms, and and the Matchday cream cardigan or the stunning navy or the Nou Camp v-neck jumper, or the lifer.

The range provides all variety of wardrobe needs from socks, to dressing gown to tracksuit pants, baseball cap, which at £15 is an absolute summer steal.

To show haw far away from the tennis court a vast amount of this range is, comes the Matchday navy blazer for the girls.

The blazer, buttons aside is based on the tracksuit original and provides a lovely two-button front.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Match Point Polo

New release the navy match point polo has been another hit. BB1 polo from last summer was a must have style for casual lovers. The Match point is a move on. The design was to compliment the mark 2 generation of the Matchday jackets. 100 % cotton and detailed with pop pressure buttons. Looks great on the court with a a pair of shorts or off the court in a pair of Levis.
Selling now at Stuarts London, available in 3 colours Red, navy and Gardenia. £45.00 by Fila Vintage