Sunday, 3 April 2011

The summer of love is back thanks to Fila

IN many views it is classed as the greatest summer to ever grace this sceptred isle. The first flight of Concorde, the hottest summer on modern records, QPR nearly won the title, well that was my bit, but mainly the release of the Fila Settanta tracksuit. So does that mean that with the celebratory release of the 'new' 76 range mean we are set for another stunner of a summer? Let's hope so.

The top, which in many ways is the daddy of tracksuit tops, sported by the Swedish tennis king of Wimbledon Bjorn Borg, the modern version of the top sports the double badge synonymous with the Settanta, but replacing the BJ badge with the year of its origination.

Coming in the iconic red and navy versions, the range also sports a track jacket known as the blue Bjorna.

The Settanta has to be the first milestone in track suit tops since the item was originally invented for the Bayern Munich team, and with the legend that became Borg, Fila chose the right man to wear it.

The Settanta is possibly the most iconic mark for people to identify with and the red and navy tops come in a slim fit, with ribbed collar, cuffs and waistband, with white under arms and red or navy outer as well as main body.

Two pockets and the Fila badge on the main front zip, all you really have to do is slide your hands in the pockets once the garment is on and the halcyon days are rekindled.

It is very difficult to ion down the importance of this top, so it is nice that Fila have given it an second outing.

The Bjorna is the second in the range, classed as a Matchday jacket it comes in a new 'updated' colour of blue, a light blue with yellow banding across the top to the chest and blue and navy piping over the left shoulder.

The year badge is different in accordance with the jackets original release date, so the Bjorna MK2 sports 80 in the second badge.

The high collar and elasticated waistband make this a completely different beast the Mk1 and it is interesting to see where the fashion was going with tracksuit tops of the time, and prove this garment still holds its own.