Friday, 16 April 2010

Blast from the past

VINTAGE, dictionary definition, representing the high quality of a past time and that is exactly what this summer is going to see on the high street with the release of Fila Vintage range.

The range, which provides another teasing look back to the glory days of Casual, donned across football terraces throughout the UK.

The Point range of T-shirts Gardenia-peacoat polo, or Sky-peacoat are simply sublime, not seen on the tennis courts, this is a shirt that stands out on its own, with the stunning four stripe tank top make a perfect pairing.

The range is a move away from the sporting Borg stylings, with collars similar to the Farah polos, which again has launched a vintage range of its own supplying some delicious pastel colours.

The French blue 5 stripe polo is a standout shirt as well or in lemon, along with the Briani with striped capsleeves.

Off the court comes the Linesman G top, which again has straighter collars, minus the stripes on the arms, and and the Matchday cream cardigan or the stunning navy or the Nou Camp v-neck jumper, or the lifer.

The range provides all variety of wardrobe needs from socks, to dressing gown to tracksuit pants, baseball cap, which at £15 is an absolute summer steal.

To show haw far away from the tennis court a vast amount of this range is, comes the Matchday navy blazer for the girls.

The blazer, buttons aside is based on the tracksuit original and provides a lovely two-button front.

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