Thursday, 11 March 2010

Fila Dealer UK

Stuarts London introduces the latest Fila Vinatge collection, and just in time to co-ordinate with the launch of the Firm dvd. The new collection has taken the lads to Stuarts from all over England just like in the old days, more than 20 years ago. The new Terrinda Jackets in French blue have been a big hit, but what's been even bigger are the Matchday settenta's in Peacoat/Ocean blue, a give away price at £65 a pop, Stuarts informs us they can't then in quick in enough to meet the demand. Red matchday isn't far in second place, but don't worry incase stock runs out more is on the way. For the best Fila collection in town that matters, visit Stuarts shop in Shepherds Bush, a walk away from West-field, where you can leave the missus, who will not complain.

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