Friday, 2 October 2009

Custom Scooter: Fila Matchday Settanta Jacket paint job

Have a look at Jez and Lisa's 1989 Vespa PX200. They've kindly sent us pictures of their beloved scooter, specially painted in a Fila Matchday Settanta Jacket theme, and we think it looks great!

Jez has been into scooters since the mid eighties and always wanted a custom scooter but never really had time and money to build one - until now. And what a result, inspired by the eighties when everyone was wearing Ellese, Sergio Tacchini, Kappa and Fila.

Says Jez: "I only had at that time a navy Sergio track top and a royal blue Fila top as Mum's purse wasnt that big! The idea initially came from a friend, as I now have about 24 track tops, and after thinking about things I decided to have scoot sprayed as a Settanta Matchday jacket. The Settanta was probably the most recognised item of clothing at that time as Bjorn Borg was wearing the Settanta Matchday at Wimbledon."

The scooter features the words 'Be Someone' - a quote from the film 'The Business', from the scene when Danny Dyer's character looks into the clouds. 'Admired by many worn by few' is from the Fila advert featuring Danny and Tamer Hassan. The paint job was carried out by John Spurgeon at Aerographics of Norwich and the scooter was stripped and rebuilt by Jez at a cost of £4,500. Wow.

Many thanks to Jez and Lisa for sharing their pictures with us.

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