Thursday, 17 September 2009

In store and more: Fila Vintage Gold does not stock much of the Fila Gold range, just select items. When I talk to the guys at Stuarts they are very cautious about this range, which is a shame. They know they can sell Terrinda (when they get it). They know they can get a great response when the reissues come in. But come on! This is 2009, and we can't just lust over something wed wore when we were 15.

The Fila Gold range is, as I see it, a continuation of the styles we wore, not a reproduction of them (Fila Vintage caters to that). Fila Gold is an honest approach to the question: What should we do next..? Let's take the best of the past, and apply it to the present, the 21st century.

I know that there is a lot more to Fila Gold. I get to see the lines that Stuarts choose not to stock. To find-out more, or to see the current Fila Vintage / Gold range go to, or Contact us