Monday, 24 August 2009

October 2009 Preview - At

Stuarts London has leaked some styles that are due for launch for October 2009. The small injection collection is sell out collection according to the buying team at Stuarts London. Fila Fans have been coming instore and putting there names down for thses tops and jackets.

Fila Vintage collection for Fall / Winter 2009 is looking "Spot On".

The collection for August 2009 is now available in store, lots of styles will also follow, but we have picked the most sought after styles, which we know will sell out.

Great items like the Fila Matchday Leather jacket and the Five stripe jacket done for the first time ever in brown suede. The rare kelly green matchday is back by huge demand and we are nearly sold out of the first batch due to land this August. Also a great new colour has been added, the Navy matchday jacket with red panel sides. If you have been into Fila vintage for a while you may have already taken advantage of earlier re-issues, but this winter there are load of new re-issues like the Bjorna Jacket, also known as the Matchday Jacket mark 2, available this Autumn in Navy.


Whats in store for this October 2009?

After you have got you teeth into the August Fila Clothing new arrivals the Q4 collection for October is a collectors dream come true. Pre orders on this collection will be available this September. The top three styles are just a sneak preview of the Asti ski jacket, the Love jacket, and the new linesman jacket simular to the matchday with out the stripes and with a collar.

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