Friday, 31 July 2009

New arrivals for This August 2009 Fila Bombada jacket

Bombada Jacket is the first in line to be re-launched for the Ski collection. Looking back into the 80s era for inspiration, Fila came across this jacket. Although very warm, the jacket is light in weight, bearing a white stripe across the chest and a two shoulder stripes associated with the Mark 2 Matchday. 100% Nylon, with two from zip pockets and available in 3 colours. Red, Ocean, and Navy this jacket gonna be a big hit. Our sponsors StuartsLondon have already indicated that this jacket has nearly sold out on pre-order. If this jacket is selling out this fast and it's still warm, then only one can imagine that the sales on this jacket will go crazy for Autumn when the weather changes.

The jacket is selling for £89.99 and is available at or click the picture above and go straight there now.

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